The bioenergy research network has four working groups that bring together experts from funded projects and other interested parties on specialist topics. Players from research, practice and politics with a focus on energetic biomass use are invited at any time to network with the members and in the working groups.

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Flexible Energy Conversion

The players in the Flexible Energy Conversion research network are developing innovative technologies and processes to make conventional and solar thermal power plants more flexible, efficient and climate-friendly. Interested experts can become members at any time.

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Energy in Buildings and Communities

In the research network Energy Turnaround Building, players from research and industry network, exchange ideas on the subject of energy-efficient buildings and neighbourhoods and intensify contacts among themselves. Interested experts are invited to participate in the network's working groups at any time.

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Industry and Trade

The actors from research, industry and politics exchange information in the research network industry and trade in specific research fields.

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They are regarded as new players in the energy system transformation process. They can network with each other and with potential partners in their own research network. In this way, the Federal Government wants to accelerate the transfer of innovative energy technologies and services from young companies into practice and improve access to the energy research programme for start-ups.

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Power Grids

The Power Grids must be expanded and rebuilt in order to achieve a successful energy turnaround. To this end, experts are using research work to further develop components and technologies. The members of the Power Grids research network communicate the research results to the actors involved in the energy system transformation process and give practical impetus to the funding process.

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System Analysis

The integration of renewable energies into the energy system and the growing number of players are complicating the energy turnaround. In order to shape the increasingly complex energy system in the long term, future energy systems will first be simulated in computer models. In this way, effects on the economy and society become visible. The members of the Energy System Analysis research network are working on such models and interfaces. They develop the digital toolbox for creating scenarios and tools for digitizing the energy system.

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Hydrogen Research Network

Energy Research Networks

The energy research networks represent Germany’s broad research scene in the fields of bioenergy, buildings and neighbourhoods, renewable energy sources, flexible energy conversion, industry and commerce, power grids, start-ups, and systems analysis. Choose one of the networks to read more about it.

Bioenergy Research Network
Energy Transition Construction Research Network
Renewable Energy Research Network
Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network
Industry and Commerce Research Network
Start-Up Research Network
Power Grids Research Network
System Analysis Research Network
Hydrogen Research Network